Andy Ayres | IT Support | Training

My name is Andrew Ayres, and I am an experienced IT support technician, manager and trainer. I have done everything front front line support to being the Global Support Manager for a medium sized business. I have also been responsible for delivering training to new and existing staff, and have demonstrated my ability communicate effectively, both in written and verbal form.

Over the past eighteen years it has been a pleasure for me to be able to pursue a variety of roles while still remaining within the IT realm. I have proven experience in people management and customer support, giving me a broad appreciation of working within a company framework. I have taken on leadership roles within the companies I have worked for and enjoy the challenge of working for the betterment of the team, and company.

Highlights include setting up a new Manila based support team from scratch at the start of 2015, being responsibly for hiring, training and deploying staff into the support operation. Then following that up with ongoing development to ensure that company needs are met.

I have often been required to be a self starter, and work on projects with minimal supervision, while still being able to be an effective part of the team.

I have years of experience managing Linux based hosting servers, acting as the go to person in the company for issues relating to web and email hosting, and in doing so I have been able to build trusted adviser relationships with customers, able to work to their specific needs.

I’m driven to achieve the best outcome I can for customers, and have an ability to break down technical concepts into easy to understand terms.

I’m always looking for ways that things could be done better, and am very open to feedback and discussion around different things that could be tried to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

I am motivated, and have a passion to be part of something more, believing that a job is more than a wage, it’s an opportunity to develop as a person and always learn new things.

With my years of management and senior technical experience I have a wide array of skills that I can bring to any organisation.

For more information please see my resume