Location: Bendigo Area



To progress my personal and professional development, and further my career in new and exciting directions.


[2000 to 2004]

LaTrobe University Bendigo

Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science)


Microsoft Certified Professional

Administering Office 365 for Small Business



  • Significant experience in leadership and management roles
  • Ability to work in a busy environment, prioritising tasks and working under deadline pressure
  • Focused development and training staff to achieve Key Performance Indicators
  • Able to effectively communicate with people of varying understanding levels and backgrounds
  • Resilient optimism to changing and challenging circumstances


  • Retaining a positive outlook and attitude towards others at all times
  • Utilise positive re-enforcement to encourage others around me
  • Encouraging a culture where staff feel empowered to ask questions and seek advice
  • Driving a culture within the team where everyone feels valued by publicly celebrating team and individual success


  • Recruitment and selection of new staff
  • Designing and implementing performance monitoring and management strategies to ensure company goals are met
  • Managing staff workload and ensuring that customer expectations are met
  • Manage rostering of staff to ensure that operational needs are covered for the company
  • Providing regular feedback and coaching to staff to keep improving at all times.
  • Being able to effectively manage staff in remote locations


  • Planning for the recruitment of new staff, including preparing a testing to identify skill level
  • Inducting new staff into the company and providing training to get them ready for work
  • Identifying skill gaps and addressing them, both at a team and individual level
  • Providing ad-hoc training as needed to assist with a case that a staff member requires help with
  • Evaluate customer service skills using monitoring tools to deliver feedback and have discussions around ways to address areas for improvement
  • Develop and prepare documentation to assist in training of future staff
  • Providing reporting to staff managers about the competencies of their new employees

[Customer Service]

  • Utilise listening and question skills to be able to understand a customer query
  • With product knowledge be able to provide a solution to a customer, or if I was unable to provide a solution, provide advice on the steps the customer needs to take to find a solution.
  • Being able to present complex scenarios to customers in a way that is easy to understand
  • Able to take a challenging situation and turn it into a win situation for both sides
  • Able to identify and suggest cross sell or upsell opportunity when the opportunity presented itself

[IT – Exchange]

  • Supporting Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Provisioning new accounts
  • Assist in setting up accounts on computers and mobile devices

[IT – Email]

  • Troubleshooting mail flow issues
  • Identifying and resolving spam related queries
  • General email issues with POP3 and Exchange
  • Identify and resolve server related issues impacting mail flow and access

[IT – Linux Servers]

  • Linux system administration
  • Plan for future needs and growth
  • Deployment of new servers
  • Identify and troubleshoot issues with server performance
  • Manage incident response for server outages and issues, including stakeholder communication

[IT – Web hosting]

  • Provisioning of new accounts
  • Support for issues relating to server configuration or problems
  • Manage critical incidents such as a website compromise or hack
  • Preparation of new servers to be put into production
  • Liaising with vendor support to resolve service issues
  • Identifying service degradation and managing resolution


  • Managing and supporting Fonality Trixbox solutions both internally and for clients
  • Designing and implementing call flow structures for phone system voice prompts
  • Managing incidents with VOIP systems
  • Providing client support for Trixbox

[IT – Office 365]

  • Manage provisioning of Office 365
  • Manage migration of data into Office 365
  • Providing support for Office 365 issues

[IT – Desktops]

  • Familiarity with Windows 10, OSX and Linux


Simple iD – Sept 2010 to Oct 2015

[Global Support Manager – Sept 2014 to Oct 2015]

Responsible for overseeing the global support operation for Simple iD, in Manchester, Melbourne, Auckland and Manila. I was responsible for management and coaching of staff, ensuring that company expectations were met, and staff needs were addressed.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Oversee support operations in Manchester, Auckland, Manila, and Melbourne
  • Directly manage Australian, New Zealand and Manila operations
  • Develop KPI’s and assessment tools to manage the new Manila operations performance
  • Develop call assessment criteria to develop staff customer service skills
  • Prepare weekly reporting on operational performance of the support team
  • Manage escalated cases
  • Provide one on one coaching around customer service soft skills and technical skills for each person
  • Manage and support migrations to office 365
  • Provide on the spot support for staff, answering questions and assisting with complex issues
  • Liaise with senior technical engineers on service issues
  • Setting up the Manila based support operation from scratch, including candidate selection, training and coaching of staff
  • Turning around customer satisfaction from receiving complaints to gaining unsolicited positive feedback
  • Being an active part of the senior leadership team within Simple iD
  • Improving candidate selection for technical roles by implementing proper skills testing as part of the recruitment process
  • Building a team environment where everyone felt valued and able to have a say
[Senior Support Technician Level 3 – July 2014 to Sept 2014]

This role formally recognized me as a senior technician within the company, I acted as second in charge for the Global Support Manager, then located in Manchester, and worked closely with that person to oversee and manage the Australian and New Zealand support staff.

Key Responsibilities:
  • 2IC for the Global Support Manager
  • Liaise closely with the Global Support Manager ensuring that they were fully up to speed with what was happening in Australia and New Zealand
  • Provide Level 1, 2 and 3 support for Australia and New Zealand
  • Server administration and support for both Linux and Windows servers
  • Incident response and management for service disruptions, including providing communication to key stakeholders
  • Engage third party vendors for support on service issues and mange resolution paths
  • Manage deployment of new hosting servers
  • Provide support for other staff on technical matters
  • Becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional in Administering Office 365 for Small Business, contributing to the competencies required by the company to become a Microsoft
  • Cloud Solution Provider
[Customer Service/Technical Support Level 1 & 2 (Domains and Hosting) – Sept 2010 to July 2014]

In this role I provided support, customer service and some sales work for customers relating to products supplied by Simple iD, mainly relating to the website and email hosting products, for which I was a product specialist, performing tasks from acting making a sale to troubleshooting technical issues.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Providing support for web and email hosting services
  • Domain name registration and management support
  • Transfer websites from other providers to Simple iD hosting solution
  • Provide billing support for domains and hosting
  • Onboarding customer email and websites from other providers
  • Manage decommissioning of two older servers
  • Assist with implementing new spam filtering solution
  • Sell, provision and support spam filtering solution
  • Supporting Exchange email accounts
  • Providing support for Blackberry Enterprise Server issues
  • Provisioning of new Exchange and Blackberry Enterprise Server accounts
  • Identification of service degradation issues, including initial incident response
  • Support migration of 2000+ email accounts to hybrid pop/exchange in June 2012
  • Assisting in the decommissioning of Exchange 2007 server by migrating accounts to Exchange 2010
  • Roll out of Barracuda 600 based spam filtering appliance to customers
  • Total decommissioning of two older hosting servers and migration of accounts to new servers, reducing the cost base

Excelior / AAPT

[Customer Service Level 2 (Gizmo) – June 2009 to June 2010]

As part of the Gizmo contract I was required to provide over the phone technical support for Gizmo and Dell customers, as well as provide software support for Telstra Wireless internet connections.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Diagnosing and resolving complex customer equipment issues
  • Provide premium software support for Dell on Call customers
  • Identifying cross sell and up sell opportunities
  • Managing time to meet case resolution expectations
  • Support fellow staff with complex issues
  • Initially assisting in scoping competencies when the contract was being negotiated with Gizmo
  • Being part of the successful four person pilot team, paving the way for the team to grow in size to a team of ten
[Customer Service Billing Level 3 (AAPT) – May 2009 to June 2009]

This role saw me providing level 3 billing support to AAPT customers, which involved investigation and resolution of complex billing issues, as well acting as second in charge for team leaders.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Provide second level billing support for phone staff
  • Manage and resolve customer billing escalations
  • Providing a second level of support for management
  • Taking on a challenging level 3 billing related role with little formal training
[Team Leader – Seconded (AAPT) – April 2008 to May 2009]

This position put me in charge of a team of 10 to 13 staff in the internet support area of the company, providing support for AAPT customer’s and their internet. The role involved all aspects of coaching and development for my team, as well as supporting my management peers with their teams when needed.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Monitoring of staff performance in order to be able to provide constructive feedback, and encouraging staff to develop
  • Working with other team leaders within the department and company to maintain a high level of performance throughout all the teams
  • Evaluate calls based on customer service criteria to ensure compliance and identify areas for development
  • Working with the Senior Technical Consultants to ensure staff technical train requirements are being met.
  • Work with individual staff to ensure key performance criteria are being met
  • Develop ways of maintaining and increasing staff engagement
  • Managing roster adjustments to ensure adequate staff levels to meet business needs
  • Provide regular coaching to each staff, and developing an individual training plan to address each person’s needs
  • Longest serving of the seconded Team Leaders in Internet Support
  • Displaying reliant optimism in the face of a contract that was winding up
[Learning and Development Trainer – Seconded (AAPT) – Feb 2008 to April 2008]

In this position I was responsible for running induction training courses for the company as staff numbers were increased, each training group ran for about three weeks. Training involved customer service, compliance and technical training. In preparation for this I was tasked with assisting to develop course training materials.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Develop and revise training material to deliver to new staff when being inducted
  • Facilitate staff inductions, covering both technical and customer service compliance
  • Assess each persons’ relative skill level and ensure that each person has the chance to succeed
  • Deliver feedback to new employee’s manager as to their level of competency, and document feedback
  • Employee of the month award for my efforts in helping train 130 new staff
  • Successfully training staff to allow for a large scale ramp up in staffing
[Senior Technical Consultant Level 3 (AAPT) – March 2007 to Feb 2008]

In this role I was a level 3 technical specialist for internet support, involving the day to day monitoring of issues and systems, providing on the floor support for phone staff as needed, and developing and running technical training for staff to ensure competency, including writing and delivering a monthly skills test, and monitoring calls for technical outcomes.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Escalation point for technical issues relating to mail and internet
  • Monitoring of services to ensure issues are dealt with quickly and minimize impact to customers
  • Communicate known issues to staff so they are aware of problems relating to services
  • Answering ad-hoc requests from level 1 staff to assist in resolution of customer issues
  • Facilitate technical training and coaching of staff to ensure competencies are met
  • Deliver monthly technical evaluation for staff to track progress and identify areas for improvement
  • Preparation and delivery of training material for new products and services
  • Working within the senior technical group to develop new criteria for technical evaluation of calls
[Customer Service Consultant (AAPT) – May 2006 to March 2007]

This role involved taking inbound calls as first point of contact, being able to logically troubleshoot and identify issues, and providing a resolution or resolution path. Also involved identifying any cross sell and upsell opportunities as they arose.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Providing internet helpdesk support for AAPT customers
  • Using troubleshooting skills to diagnose and resolve technical issues with email and internet
  • Escalation of issues relating to infrastructure
  • Ensuring accuracy of customer records

Weeroona College Bendigo

[Classroom Support – June 2005 to Dec 2005]

This role saw me providing some support in the classroom for computing needs.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Providing in class computing support for teachers and students

Campaspe Run Tourist Center

[Customer Service – Jan 2004 to April 2007]

Acted as a volunteer customer service consultant, operating independently, opening and closing the center, managing and balancing the till each day, and answering customer queries.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Opening and closing the facility
  • Answering customer enquiries
  • Balance till at the end of each day


Professional referees are available upon request